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Before owning and running a Hotel we had over 20 years in IT in particular 12 years designing, developing and promoting websites especially in the hospitality industry.

Having the digital marketing skills and running a hotel has proved invaluable, we’ve been able to understand the exact requirements that a guest house / hotel needs in order to increase bookings. As a result we’ve increased bookings year on year without increasing any marketing budget.

With our Digital Marketing support your guest house (B&B) or hotel will see an increase in bookings, we can help you build an audience on Social Media, advertise to the right people, optimise your website to generate more traffic, create a website that you can maintain, help put every room on multiple hotel/guest house booking websites meaning you’re at least five times more likely to sell your rooms and we can help setup email marketing so you’ll be able to run campaigns.

With our digital marketing support we’ll help increase bookings and possibly even reduce your marketing budget.

There are many different ways in which we can help get you more booking our expertise includes the following:

How we can help

SEO (Optimisation)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), it’s quite simple really! Follow the rules of Google and you could see some greatly increased quality traffic to your website.

Social Media

We can help setup and maintain your Social Media channels. With our training and advice we’ll be able to show you how Social Media can help your business.

Targetted Advertising

Using Social Media advertising or Google Ads is currently one of the best ways to market your hotel or guest house in terms of return on investment and monitoring.

Website Design

We’ve created over 100 websites many for the hotel and guest house industry. We can help redesign your current website or totally redevelop it.

Channel Management

Channel Management will put all your hotel rooms online on many different booking websites such as & Giving you a much bigger exposure across the internet.


Great photography can help promote your business, we can visit your hotel and guest house to produce some fabulous pictures.

Graphic / Print Design

We don’t just work online, we can help with branding and print design such as brochures and business cards.

Email Marketing

Link you up with MailChimp to help you maintain &  email market to all your previous guests, sending special offers & news can help increase bookings.

Some of those we’ve help

Pebble House, Cornwall

Hog & Ox Roast Co.

Lyndale Cottage Guest House

Melrose House, Whitby

Horseshoe Hotel, Whitby

Tremorvah Cottage Guest House

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you optimise my current website?

Yes, we can certainly have a look and advise you what needs to be done. We’ll generally take about 15mins, it’s free and we’ll let you know what we think. If we don’t think we can make a difference we’ll tell you that too.

Can I edit a website you create?

Yes, we use WordPress as the framework. WordPress is the most popular content management system. We also use a ‘drag and drop’ theme, together the website can be totally maintained by you whenever you want.

Can you help with branding?

Yes, we can help with every single element of your hotel or guest house business from branding, website design, channel management and Social media.

What sort of advertising budget do I need?

We’d recommend starting with about £30.00. It doesn’t sound much but it’s a way of testing results. It will increase traffic to your website but the key is to convert traffic into bookings.

Do I need a Social Media account?

Social media isn’t for everyone, firstly it needs to be updated regularly at least once a week if you’re using Facebook for example. It is a great way to gain new customers, raise awareness, stay in touch and provide another way in which people can contact you. The benefits do require you maintain your account, we can maintain this for you or show you how.

How do I manage Internet and Telephone Bookings?

Channel management provides you with one system (or location) where all your bookings regardless of whether they come from someone calling you, via your website or one of the many booking websites such as, or expedia for example. The beneifits can be huge but they are costs involved. Get in touch and we’ll explain more.


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