Relief Management – HOW IT WORKS

Making sure we meet your exact requirements


Relief management how it works

To ensure total confidence it’s important to understand that we are not an agency. We’re here to help while you take a break or need emergency cover. Our relief management service is available to owners of Hotels, Guest Houses, B&B’s or Public Houses. We are here to cover planned or unplanned time away from your business, you can relax in the knowledge that your business and guests are in safe hands. We offer a fully bespoke service.

Our relief management service is fully bespoke as we tailor every service to your exact requirements and standards. We are very experienced in all aspects of running a business dedicated to hospitality including dealing with customer arrivals & checkouts, suppliers, laundry, maintenance, staffing, channel management & payment systems.

How to Book

Following on from our initial visit we would be happy to accept an initial booking (normally up to 14 months in advance). We understand how things can change so we don’t need a deposit until 6 weeks prior to the booking date, this is normally £250.00, and it is non-refundable four weeks prior to our booking.

Handover date

We would normally expect to arrive the day before you depart so that we can finalise your working procedures and if possible work with you and your staff (if required) so we can cover them too if they’re off sick for example. Each handover is different of course and we’re very flexible. We have a check list to ensure that we don’t miss anything.

Our basic requirements

Kate and I will generally work together, although Kate will mainly be responible for the day to day running.

  • Preferably we would like accommodation needs to be dog friendly. We have one very quiet, friendly dog that we would like to bring along.
  • Provide somewhere for us to cook
  • Basic sleeping arrangements and bathroom with a shower
  • Somewhere to setup a laptop

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you keep me updated?

Yes, we can call you, use email or Social Media to keep informed of daily/weekly events.

What about the pets?

We’ll consider looking after any pets and livestock. Dog walking is our favourite pastime! If you have any concerns please get in touch.

What if we're late back?

We’ll always make sure days after a booking are free to ensure that in the event you are delayed that we can cover.

Can I cancel?

Yes, but up to four weeks before your booking we reserved the right to keep your deposit. It will be unlikely that we can rebook at such short notice, we hope you understand.

What if we what to leave really early?

That’s not a problem, although we normally aim to start at 3pm on the day of your departure we would be happy to arrange an early take over and cover breakfast.

Do you need a room?

Yes, we need to be on-site at all times. Basic sleeping arrangements and bathroom will be fine.


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