Guest House / B&B Self Check-in

Should you do self check-in? YES!

The simple answers is yes! While self-check-in offers numerous advantages, it’s essential to balance it with maintaining a welcoming atmosphere and providing support to guests when needed, particularly if any issues arise during their stay, you can do this using technology, so don’t be at the mercy of guests and their random arrival times.

Self-check-in for a guest house offers several benefits for both guests and the property owner:

**Convenience**: Guests can check in at their own pace, avoiding the need to coordinate arrival times with the host. This is especially helpful for travellers who may have unpredictable schedules or those arriving late at night.

**Flexibility**: Self-check-in allows guests to have more flexibility in their travel plans. They can arrive whenever it’s convenient for them, making it easier to adapt to changes in transportation or unexpected delays.

**Privacy**: Some guests may prefer to maintain their privacy and not engage in a lengthy check-in process. Self-check-in allows them to do just that, providing a sense of autonomy.

**Efficiency**: For the guest house owner, self-check-in reduces the workload associated with greeting and checking in guests. This can be particularly helpful for small properties with limited staff.

**Cost Savings**: By reducing the need for staff to be present around the clock for check-ins, the guest house can save on labor costs.

**24/7 Access**: Self-check-in enables guests to access their accommodations at any time, even outside of regular business hours. This can be important for guests with early morning or late-night arrivals.

**Reduced busy times**: During peak travel times, having a self-check-in option can help prevent multiple rooms checking in at the same time, leading to a more pleasant experience for guests.

**Simplicity**: Self-check-in systems are often straightforward and easy to use. Guests typically receive clear instructions on how to access their rooms, which can lead to a smoother check-in process.

**Contactless Experience**: In situations where health and safety are a concern, such as during a pandemic, self-check-in minimizes physical contact between guests and staff.

**International Travel**: Self-check-in is especially beneficial for international travellers who may arrive at odd hours and face language barriers. Having a simple and intuitive self-check-in process can make their experience more comfortable.

**Technology**: Using wireless technology such as Nest or Ring allows you to see when your guests arrive and even talk to them. The cameras give you an alert on your phone, so it doesn’t matter where you are, you can ensure they enter the property and find their room. If it’s convenient for you, then you can go and say hello. Using a keyless lock, allows you to email or text your guest the key code, allowing them to enter the property where they’ll find the key in their room.

Keyless Entry for Guest House / B&B's

Don’t be at the mercy of guests, use technology such as keyless locks.